Professional introducers


e are always very pleased to receive client referrals from professional introducers and we regularly work alongside accountants and lawyers as well as other specialist providers to provide clients with holistic and integrated professional advice.

Our firm is a SIFA Professional Firm and is listed in the Law Society endorsed SIFA Directory of Professional Financial Advisers.

If you would like to discuss a potential client and establish how we may be able to assist, we would be delighted to discuss the matter with you.

Referrals of clients to authorised financial advisers have become a compliance issue and all firms are required by their professional bodies to conduct due diligence to demonstrate that their referrals are in their clients' best interests.

Our Due Diligence Document is designed to give any potentially interested professional referrer sufficient information to assess our credentials and decide whether a referral will be in their client’s best interest. If you would like to receive a copy please use the link below to request a copy.

Request a due diligence document by email