Expert Witness


e regularly accept expert witness instructions on various matters relating to personal injury work.

In particular we are experienced in support applications for the creation of a Personal Injury Trust as an alternative to Deputyship or investment within the Court Funds Office, and Expert Opinions to support applications for Court approval of Periodical Payments and Interim Payments. We can also provide Pension Loss calculations.

We are also very experienced in providing Expert Reports to the Court of Protection in support of applications for Court approval of, for example, gifts or tax planning strategies.

We act as Experts in matters relating to poor financial advice or the mis-selling of financial products. We are particularly passionate about representing “vulnerable” people, or those acting on their behalf, who believe they may have been the victims of poor advice or mis-selling.

In addition, we accept instructions from legal advisers in relation to matters which have become the subject of litigation.

We are pleased to offer a brief, initial assessment at no charge. If we do not believe the case has a reasonable prospect of succeeding, we will advise you accordingly rather than waste your time and money.