Our fee structure


ur fee structure is transparent and straightforward, and we strive to ensure that everyone is charged fairly and receives good value for money.

If you deal with our firm you will not incur any costs until we have clearly set out for you, in writing, exactly what work we will be undertaking and precisely what cost will be involved - and you have accepted both of these in writing.

If you request us to do so, we will be happy to copy in documents to any other professional adviser, family member or friend so that you can discuss our service and fee with them before deciding whether to instruct us.

Initial meeting

We are very happy to offer prospective clients an initial exploratory meeting or discussion at no charge, as long as this can be held in our offices or over the telephone.

However, we are very conscious that some prospective clients may prefer a face-to-face meeting, and mobility issues may make it difficult for them to travel. We are pleased to offer clients in this position a meeting at a location of their choice; and while we will endeavour to hold such meetings free of charge, we may need to make a small charge to cover the time and expense involved. We will always advise you in advance if this is the case.

The aim of this exploratory discussion is for us to introduce ourselves and for you to ask all the questions you may have about our credentials or our service. We will ask you about your situations and objectives, and assess whether, as well as how, we may be able to assist you.

Written fee quotation

Following our exploratory discussion, we will then write to you setting out the scope of the work we feel is required and what our fees will be. We will send copies to any other party you would like to involve in your decision. You will be under no obligation to instruct us: if you do not, we will hopefully at least have given you some basic information or thoughts at no cost.

If you decide to instruct us we will ask you to sign and return a copy of our scope of work and fee agreement. As soon as we receive the signed copies back from you we will consider ourselves instructed and commence work.

Task assignment and fee structure

Our fees are calculated on the basis of hourly rates, with members of our team charged at different rates depending upon their knowledge, experience and role.

The work for a client will be distributed amongst the team, ensuring that it is undertaken by the lowest-cost person with the required competence. All work will be overseen by a named, duly authorised and regulated Financial Adviser who will act as your key point of contact.

You will also be given the name and contact details of all of the team involved in your case.

Our knowledge and experience usually enable us to quantify the amount of time required to complete the work. This means we should be able to quote our fee as a fixed maximum amount. You will pay no more than the time actually taken, and if this turns out to be less than expected, the fee will be reduced accordingly.

If it ultimately transpires that the matter takes more time than originally quoted, we will only charge the fee quoted. The only exception will be when a very significant amount of time is required because of circumstances completely beyond our control.

If, because of particular circumstances, we are unable to accurately estimate the time required, we will advise you why we cannot give you our best estimate of the time we think may be needed. We will then agree with you, in advance, how to proceed.