Our Fee Structure

We are very happy to offer any potential client an initial appointment at no charge.

From there we strive we aim to ensure a fair balance between the financial interests of our clients, our staff and our business.

We ensure that all our clients are charged fairly and receive good value for money, we regularly review the reasonableness of our fees.

We aim to make a reasonable profit so we can ensure the ongoing financial security of our team and our business but we ensure that our main priority is our clients, our people come next and our business comes last – in all that we do.

Our fee structure is simple, transparent and straightforward.

You will not incur any costs until we have clearly set out for you, in writing, exactly what work we will be undertaking and precisely what cost will be involved - and you have accepted both of these in writing.

If you request us to do so, we will be happy to discuss both the scope of work involved and our proposed any other professional adviser, family member or friend so that you can obtain their views before deciding whether to instruct us.

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