Investment management

A s specialist financial planners, we focus on providing our clients with an overall strategy and direction for the road ahead. And, although our team holds investment management qualifications well beyond those held by most financial planners, we leave the detailed business of asset allocation and investment selection to specialist third party investment managers.

This, we believe, provides our clients with the optimum level of service possible – ensuring that experts in their individual field are employed at every stage.

We have formed close working relationships with a range of investment managers who have the required knowledge, research, management controls and (above all) the experience to successfully manage investments on behalf of our clients.

Generally, each investment manager adopts a “multi asset” approach to achieve the desired balance of security and return. This means that every portfolio will include a wide range of investments - such as government securities, worldwide fixed interest securities and equities, property, commodities, currency, infrastructure, private equity and cash.

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Before any portfolio is constructed, our initial financial planning work will provide the investment manager with a detailed brief setting out the key objectives and parameters. These will include:

  • The expected time horizon for the investment;
  • The liquidity requirements – when, and to what extent, withdrawals are likely to be required;
  • The tax structure within which the portfolio will be managed;
  • The target annual investment return we are aiming to achieve;
  • The risk profile which is to be adopted and the target range of returns we are aiming to achieve;
  • Any restrictions on the form of investments which are to be included within the portfolio;
  • The benchmarks against which we will monitor investment performance – these will include both return and risk benchmarks.

We have negotiated reduced charges with most, if not all, of the managers we work with – ensuring best value for money for our clients.

The range of managers we use enables us to accommodate and potentially integrate a wide range of investment styles and techniques, including:

  • Model Portfolios – a range of solutions to fit all risk profiles
  • Bespoke Portfolios – individually tailored investment solutions
  • Fully passive Investment – tracking a range of indices using low cost investments
  • Fully active investment – non index-tracking investments which aim to outperform
  • A combination of any or all of the above

We generally instruct investment managers as an Agent on behalf of our clients. This means that the investment manager is accountable to us. If they fail to meet the standards we expect we can easily transfer portfolios to another member of our approved panel, almost certainly at no cost. We believe this gives the investment manager a very direct incentive to ensure a high quality and cost effective service. Where appropriate, we will recommend a combination of different investment managers and styles.

The Value of investments may go down as well as up. You may not get back as much as you originally invested.