Children with Special Needs

Our firm is specifically aligned to provide specialist, flexible and tailored services to meet the needs of clients, especially children, with special needs.

Our approach is always the same: to understand the often very complex (and sometimes distressing) needs of our clients and then act on behalf of their very best interests – usually ensuring that those needs will be met for the rest of their lives, which can often extend beyond the lifespan of their family carers.

The general aim of making financial provision for someone, often a dependant, with special needs is to create a safety net which can be used to give them a degree of future financial independence, and enable them to afford ‘luxuries’ which basic state benefits and/or statutory funding will not provide.

However, if these arrangements are not structured carefully, they can - in practice - disrupt or even preclude access to state benefits and funding. The end result can be that the ultimate beneficiary becomes the state, rather than the intended individual.

We have a very close personal interest in financial planning for dependants with special needs. It stems from the fact that one of our founders is the parent of a son with Williams Syndrome. That has made him passionate about disseminating helpful information to other parents, carers and support networks and this passion and empathy is felt and continued by our whole practice.


How we fit the bill

In 2022, Centurion became one of the first organisations to take part in the independent RQ Ratings programme – an assessment of our firm’s structure, mission and services to create an annual due diligence report for professionals. The aim is to help professionals review and refer to independent financial planners with confidence. It contains information on our market-leading client track record, our qualifications, our governance, KPIs, value for money and more. The latest report can be accessed /here/.

We are proud to have been given an overall independent RQ Rating of 4.9 out of 5 – the highest rating given to any independent financial planning firm to date. RQ Ratings states that this score ensures professionals ‘can very confidently refer’ clients to Centurion.

Our Special Needs Experts

Centurion are a General Practice firm of Chartered Financial Planners providing top quality, technically competent financial and investment advice.

Here is the team of experts who specialise in this service. You can view our entire team using the button below.

Chris Hill

Director & Chartered Financial Planner
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Jon Stevens

Chartered Financial Planner
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What our clients say

We have been clients since November 2019. Our personal advisor is Mr Ian Avery, who we have dealt with in this capacity for a number of years, and is someone we hold in the highest regard. He always takes time to listen properly to us, and has an excellent understanding of our situation and requirements. We have always been given an in depth insight into our situation and options and the investment solutions he has recommended have always been explained and presented in a way we find easy to understand and follow. We have no hesitation in recommending both Ian Avery and the firm as providers of excellent service in all respects.

A Client

As a client of Centurion Chartered Financial Planners for over 9 years, I have always found them to be helpful, innovative and security conscious. James, my investments administrator, clearly has a good understanding of my plans and the schedule of associated actions, alerting me whenever I have a task to complete.



As a client Of Centurion for a number of years we are more than satisfied that our financial future is in a safe pair of hands with the advice we have been given. In particular Dave Robinson is a very experienced financial advisor and his great knowledge makes him one of the leaders in all aspects of financial planning.

Mr & Mrs PG


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