Chartered Financial Planners

Clarity. Discretion. Peace of mind.

Entrusting someone with planning your future finances is a major decision. You are placing your faith not only in their experience and knowledge but also upon their personal understanding of what will be right for you.

This requires a rare combination of professionalism and personal care as well as a willingness to provide exceptional levels of service.

Here at Centurion, we have established our client base largely through recommendations from those who have shared their priorities with us, allowing us to then map out the very best route for their individual circumstances.

We act for a range of private clients, including high net worth individuals, business people and sports organisations. We also have a range of specialist services which are specifically designed for:

  • Clients in later life
  • Victims of personal injuries & accidents
  • People with special needs resulting from a learning or physical difficulty
  • Deputies and Attorneys who have been appointed to look after the affairs of someone who lacks capacity
  • Trustees of all forms of trust

Everyone’s priorities and objectives are different: talk to us and we will invest our time to identify what matters most to you… whether it is growing your assets, protecting your wealth, providing a secure income for life or ensuring that future generations benefit from what you have built… or a balanced combination of all of these and any other objective you wish to achieve.

We also take into account personal factors such as your attitude to risk and threshold for loss, and apply a strategic approach to your assets that also builds in sufficient flexibility to deal with future life changes.

We then work collaboratively with a range of other advisers - often including investment managers, solicitors and accountants – to bring all these strands together in a way that will ensure total peace of mind.